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Kerry Anderson

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Customer Experience Design

This Case Study Proves How Sales Enablement and Customer Experience Can Work Hand-in-hand in Defining Success

December 22, 2015 / by Kerry Anderson

Over the last several months, we’ve been making an effort to familiarize readers of this blog with various aspects of the Integrated Commercial Strategy (ICS), including sales enablement, customer experience, and value promise.


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Register Now for the Newest ICS Webinar Focused on Customer Experience

November 10, 2015 / by Kerry Anderson

We're thrilled to be hosting the fourth in our ongoing series of informative webinars surrounding the Integrated Commercial Strategy (ICS) – a new way of thinking about fueling profitable growth in the modern economy.


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Custom Marketing Framework

Read This Exciting Case Study About a Company Overcoming Margin Compression

November 03, 2015 / by Kerry Anderson

In our recent ebook, we discussed why powerful procurement organizations pose a threat to profitability and growth in a B2B context, especially in industries where suppliers and manufacturers are often unfortunately viewed as being in the commodity business.


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Sales and Marketing Training

Free Webinar: Sales Enablement’s Role in the Integrated Commercial Strategy

October 20, 2015 / by Kerry Anderson

The recently released ebook, “ICS: The New Playbook for Profitable Growth” listed Sales Enablement as one of three key components required to launch the ICS framework for your company.


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Sales and Marketing Training

Case Study: A Mature Industry Leader Uses Sales Enablement to Fuel New Growth

October 13, 2015 / by Kerry Anderson

It’s unfortunately easy for a company in a leadership position to sit back on its haunches and keep doing things as they’ve always been done. At a certain level of financial resources and brand recognition, that strategy can keep a large company afloat for years.


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Free Webinar – Integrated Commercial Strategy: The New Playbook for Profitable Growth

July 20, 2015 / by Kerry Anderson

For the past seven years, the world has been stuck in a slow growth / no growth economy, yet some companies have managed to achieve successful and profitable growth without acquisitions. Why is this possible? How did they do it?


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Twilight of the Brands….or Dawn?

April 27, 2014 / by Kerry Anderson

by Ralph Cummins

Writing in the New Yorker last month, James Suroweicki submits that despite the widely held belief that a company's brand is its most important asset, brands have never been more fragile. The culprit? The internet. In the age of information, everything is knowable by the consumer. Name your category, and there is an easily accessible, objective resource such as Consumer Reports or JD Power to reveal the truth. Consumer access to this type of information can dramatically negate the traditional value of brands ― historically, brands served as proxies for quality in an information poor environment, as argued by Itamar Simonson and Emanuel Rosen in their book, Absolute Value.


Got Courage?

April 10, 2014 / by Kerry Anderson

by Sat Duggal

While recently facilitating a workshop with a team of product managers and marketers, we were reminded about the importance of courage in a marketer’s role. EMM Group had been engaged to conduct some fundamental Voice Of Customer (VOC) work in this company’s category. The findings weren’t good. As we presented the results, we could see that they confirmed what the team had suspected. The categories in which this firm leads are facing significant declines because the industry is on the verge of a transformational shake-out. Substantial changes to their business would need to be undertaken if they were to keep and expand their competitive position in the marketplace.


White Papers

On the Road to Marketing Excellence

January 07, 2013 / by Kerry Anderson

In many organizations, marketing faces a moment of truth. Dramatic cuts in marketing spending and personnel are a common response to the recent recession(s), but business leaders need to look beyond these short-term reactions. In order to achieve success, companies need to find new ways to drive organic growth sustainably and profitably.


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