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Market and Data Analysis

Training Development Best Practices

July 07, 2015 / by EMM Group

Training is one of the key foundational requirements for building a successful, sustainable marketing excellence program. One which continuously improves and adds increasing value to the business. Without quality training, even your hardest working marketers – and marketing organizations - will be behind the curve and struggling to catch up. Equally important training reduces turnover by showing employees the organization cares and is willing to invest.


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Stop Being a Capabilities Manager - Think Like a Product Manager

June 25, 2015 / by Sat Duggal

In our line of work we have encountered many members of corporate functions, particularly in corporate marketing roles. Many such roles are designed, profiled, staffed and measured on building marketing capabilities across their organization. The ones that end up having a substantial and sustained impact on their business tend to view and approach their role differently than just capability development. They tend to apply the principles and approach of product management to create, launch, manage and renew their marketing excellence product.

Here are some of the key differences in using a product management versus capability development approach:


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Using Customer Value to Manage Shared Services

June 04, 2015 / by Sat Duggal

While nearly all customers would likely describe themselves as “cost-conscious,” it’s generally more accurate to call them “value conscious.” Cost is really only a means of quantifying value, after all, and customer trends consistently prove that – all other factors being equal – savvy customers will choose the product or service with the higher perceived value, even if it’s not the least expensive.


Keywords: Value Based Pricing, Market and Data Analysis

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Reorganizing a Marketing Team

April 23, 2015 / by Sat Duggal

It’s often necessary to reorganize the Marketing department in order to maintain productivity, increase efficiencies, and generally stay on top of an ever-evolving discipline. But there’s a right and a wrong way to go about it, and we’ve seen a number of mistakes made as we’ve studied this process.


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6 Best Practices for Customer Experience Design

April 16, 2015 / by EMM Group

Today’s customer is no longer satisfied with “good enough.” If you’re going to earn their attention, their time, their money, or anything else they value, you’re going to have to be the best. There’s simply too much competition to strive for anything less. And being the best is, in many ways, the responsibility of the marketing department.


Keywords: Custom Marketing Framework, Customer Experience Design, Team Capability Building, Market and Data Analysis

3 Marketing Competencies Essential for Survival and 1 Essential for Success

April 07, 2015 / by EMM Group

The world of marketing is forever evolving. And with that evolution, the skill sets needed for marketing practitioners to continue adding value to an organization’s marketing program continue to change as well.


Keywords: Custom Marketing Framework, Customer Experience Design, Market and Data Analysis

3 Principles for Great Customer Experience

March 26, 2015 / by EMM Group

In our last post, we discussed why customer experience is such a vital part of your marketing mix.

To take it a step further, let’s now consider some best practices that you can start applying right now to create a powerful customer experience in your own company.


Keywords: Customer Segmentation, Value Based Pricing, Custom Marketing Framework, Customer Experience Design, Team Capability Building, Market and Data Analysis

Solving the Problem with Global Expansion (Part 2 of 2)

January 29, 2015 / by Brenna Neal

How to Balance the Need for Local Customization with the Need for Scale and Efficiency

Our last post defined and discussed the challenge faced by companies applying segmentation to an expanding global market. Companies are faced with the following questions: How can we balance our needs for scale and efficiency globally with the specific and differentiated needs of the local market? EMM has led global segmentation projects for several multi-national clients, and we offer the following specific steps for how this can be accomplished.


Keywords: Customer Segmentation, Market and Data Analysis

Market and Data Analysis

5 Ways to Know if Your Marketing Plan is Working

October 30, 2014 / by Sat Duggal

You did it! You finally finished your marketing plan for next year. You know exactly how you’re going to turn heads and really get those sales going. Now you just have to activate and communicate the plan across hundreds, if not thousands, of people in your complex organization. But that’s okay because you set up your strategies around only those tactics you know will be adopted by the team.


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Market and Data Analysis

Top 5 Tips for Your Annual Marketing Plan

September 30, 2014 / by Sat Duggal

Over the past decade, we’ve helped P&G, Unilever, General Mills, GE, DuPont, Eli Lilly and other world-class companies develop their marketing planning process. 


Keywords: Market and Data Analysis