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Ensure growth and success by going to market the right way, the first time.

Why is it that so many new products and services fail upon launch, even if they succeeded in another market? In our experience, many clients don’t understand that what worked in the past does not guarantee future success. Products and markets are different, and each new entry should be supported by a thoughtful consideration of the best way to go-to-market. After all, the investment in the new product or new market was made with considerable strategic intent, so why not apply the same rigor to go-to-market?

At EMM Group, we use our 5Cs analysis tools to systematically focus efforts and investments on the best opportunities and customer segments in the market or for a product. We also create compelling and meaningfully unique value propositions with our proprietary approach for identifying the Features-Benefits-Value ladder and creating value stories. Once we know the value, market activation planning is needed to identify the detailed tasks required to keep the promise to customers—tasks that call not just on marketing, but also operations, sales, customer service and other functions. We find there are no shortcuts. A thoughtful but efficient approach dramatically increases your success.

Clients that apply this level of rigor to their go-to-market efforts experience faster growth in new segments and markets. They also save money by optimizing spend in go-to-market initiatives.

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