Generate unique insights about your customers' needs to enhance innovation and solidify your market leadership position.

One of the biggest challenges marketers face is identifying and capitalizing on true insights to drive innovation and brand growth. This challenge takes on many forms, beginning with a lack of common language. While the availability of data and research reports continues to increase exponentially, information alone rarely provides adequate breakthrough insights because most marketers have a poor understanding of what an insight is and how it is used. We believe that marketers need to fundamentally rethink their approach.

EMM Group has developed a highly structured approach that allows clients to align on common language and build their understanding of the value of insights and how to glean real insights from information.

  • 6-Connects Insights Decision Accelerator. This proprietary methodology is our rigorous and systematic way of connecting the dots, generating breakthrough insights, and applying them in a go-to-market strategy.
  • Market Segmentation. Our market segmentation methodology identifies the highest opportunity segments for a business and generates insights on how to win in the chosen segment(s).
  • Research and data analysis. We help clients transform information into relevant insights by focusing on customers' unmet needs and what customers value most.

Getting insights right has a profound impact on marketing’s success. Identifying new and ripe opportunities for innovation and brand growth increases loyalty and brand value. Most importantly, clients that experience systematic success increase margins, improve share, and launch new products more successfully—a combination that represents the very lifeblood of a marketer’s existence.

To learn more about our client successes, read case examples.

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