This Case Study Proves How Sales Enablement and Customer Experience Can Work Hand-in-hand in Defining Success

by Kerry Anderson

Customer Experience Design

Over the last several months, we’ve been making an effort to familiarize readers of this blog with various aspects of the Integrated Commercial Strategy (ICS), including sales enablement, customer experience, and value promise.

It’s always best to step out of the conceptual when possible and provide a real world example of how these ideas come together to successfully fuel growth for companies dealing with the same economic and industry pressures your company faces. So, we’re excited to share a case study with you today.

The company being profiled is a large diversified chemical manufacturer that had invested a significant amount of time and money into rolling out a sales and marketing framework that simply was not resonating with the organization and was failing to reach the kind of harmonious adoption levels necessary to make it work.

As you’ll read in the case study itself, turning this negative momentum around wasn’t easy, but the end results were fantastic: a fully harmonize set of commercial strategies that everyone could stand behind, and a dramatic increase in organic revenue.

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