Free Webinar: Sales Enablement’s Role in the Integrated Commercial Strategy

by Kerry Anderson

Sales and Marketing Training

The recently released ebook, “ICS: The New Playbook for Profitable Growth” listed Sales Enablement as one of three key components required to launch the ICS framework for your company.

Here’s how it’s explained in this powerful book on commercial strategy:

“Effective sales enablement begins with value promise. . When done well, the following further shifts will be noted:

  • From a focus on pushing sales to a focus on delivering on a unified customer experience.
  • From a focus on a money-based sales funnel to a value-based progression.
  • From a focus on pitching products to a focus on helping customers discover the value of the experience.

To a large extent, the heavy lifting in this stage is done by Sales, Marketing, and any frontline associates who work directly with the customer. But it’s important to remember the fact that every business team has a measure of accountability in helping to support the delivery of great customer experience, including during the initial purchase phase.”

Is this concept resonating with you? Can you see how focusing on Sales Enablement could bring about huge benefits for you and your company?

Don’t let it end here.

For even more great insight into Sales Enablement and its role in the Integrated Commercial Strategy, we invite you to join us for the free webinar to be held this Thursday, October 22, 2015 at noon EST.

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