Read This Exciting Case Study About a Company Overcoming Margin Compression

by Kerry Anderson

Custom Marketing Framework

In our recent ebook, we discussed why powerful procurement organizations pose a threat to profitability and growth in a B2B context, especially in industries where suppliers and manufacturers are often unfortunately viewed as being in the commodity business.

The case study below highlights a large diversified chemical company that realized they’d fallen into this trap and what they did to turn things around. The company had internal silos that were hampering integrated improvement across the board and their current sales and marketing framework was hindering rather than helping them. As a result, numerous entities under this parent company were routinely crumbling under pressure from powerful procurement organizations and other external forces that were stagnating their growth.

Read how they tore down the silos, recreated their internal training and development program, and overcame margin compression with the help and guidance of EMM Group.

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