Got Courage?

by Kerry Anderson

by Sat Duggal

While recently facilitating a workshop with a team of product managers and marketers, we were reminded about the importance of courage in a marketer’s role. EMM Group had been engaged to conduct some fundamental Voice Of Customer (VOC) work in this company’s category. The findings weren’t good. As we presented the results, we could see that they confirmed what the team had suspected. The categories in which this firm leads are facing significant declines because the industry is on the verge of a transformational shake-out. Substantial changes to their business would need to be undertaken if they were to keep and expand their competitive position in the marketplace.

To their credit, the team helped each other face the facts, identify the implications of the market findings, and set about developing a cogent action plan to get ahead of their competitors in addressing the market change. While they fully recognized the steep road ahead in making tough changes and getting organizational buy-in, they chose to act now rather than let the market force their hand later when their options would be narrower.

Marketers routinely face the shifting sands of dynamic marketplaces and the ever-changing marketing landscape, but often the biggest obstacles are within the organization itself. Getting various functions and individuals, often with conflicting priorities, to listen to customer needs and deliver a consistent experience can be challenging. It’s much easier to give up and resign oneself to pump out the same old collateral or email campaign and not fight the tough battles. This happens all the time. But it is those marketers arming themselves with data and insights to fight the good fight and help make an organization more proactive or responsive who end up having a substantial impact on the future. Being that advocate for change across an organization – that takes courage. To all those marketers out there fighting pitched battles on behalf of their customers – we offer our respectful salute.

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