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6 Best Practices for Customer Experience Design

April 16, 2015 / by EMM Group

Today’s customer is no longer satisfied with “good enough.” If you’re going to earn their attention, their time, their money, or anything else they value, you’re going to have to be the best. There’s simply too much competition to strive for anything less. And being the best is, in many ways, the responsibility of the marketing department.


Keywords: Custom Marketing Framework, Customer Experience Design, Team Capability Building, Market and Data Analysis

3 Marketing Competencies Essential for Survival and 1 Essential for Success

April 07, 2015 / by EMM Group

The world of marketing is forever evolving. And with that evolution, the skill sets needed for marketing practitioners to continue adding value to an organization’s marketing program continue to change as well.


Keywords: Custom Marketing Framework, Customer Experience Design, Market and Data Analysis

4 Essential Components of a Successful Marketing Excellence Program

March 31, 2015 / by Sat Duggal

Implementing a marketing excellence program is not a casual matter, or a task for the feint-of-heart. It requires time, commitment, and effort.

But the results are so valuable, it could be the best investment you’ve ever made in your business.

So how exactly is it done?


Keywords: Go-To-Market, Customer Segmentation, Custom Marketing Framework

3 Principles for Great Customer Experience

March 26, 2015 / by EMM Group

In our last post, we discussed why customer experience is such a vital part of your marketing mix.

To take it a step further, let’s now consider some best practices that you can start applying right now to create a powerful customer experience in your own company.


Keywords: Customer Segmentation, Value Based Pricing, Custom Marketing Framework, Customer Experience Design, Team Capability Building, Market and Data Analysis

The Vital Importance of Customer Experience in Your Marketing Mix

March 24, 2015 / by EMM Group

In highly competitive markets, differentiation is hard to establish. Customers are more knowledgeable and demanding than ever before, global competition is intensifying, products are increasingly becoming commoditized, and all of this drives down profit.


Keywords: Custom Marketing Framework, Customer Experience Design, Team Capability Building

Lifecycle Marketing: Creating Brand Loyalty that Lasts a Lifetime

November 13, 2014 / by Sat Duggal

One of the biggest threats to brands today is consumer indifference. With so much noise and clutter in the marketplace, how do you get your customer to pay attention? What creates brand loyalty strong enough to last for decades or perhaps even a lifetime?


Keywords: Newsletter, Custom Marketing Framework

Nike Proves That Traditional Marketing Still Has Game

October 16, 2014 / by EMM Group

Traditional endorsement and product placement marketing is very much alive and well. This past summer, Nike offered two beautiful proofs in point that any marketer can learn from.


Keywords: Custom Marketing Framework, Team Capability Building

What Can B2B Marketers Learn from P&G’s Recent Move to 'Cull' Its Brands?

September 02, 2014 / by Sat Duggal


A.G. Lafley’s recent bold announcement that P&G will dramatically reduce its number of brands came as big news to many in the business world and particularly in the consumer marketing space. However, we believe the B2B marketing and product management space should take heed as well.

Often, B2B marketers and product managers are so focused on day to day execution that they don’t take enough time to review their portfolio at a high level and answer some key questions:


Keywords: Value Based Pricing, Custom Marketing Framework

Choose or Die: The New Imperative for Product Managers

August 28, 2014 / by Sat Duggal

Product Managers have traditionally focused on bringing new products to market, but their role is quickly becoming more complex. Our latest research suggests that the C-suite priority of driving profitable organic growth has begun to filter down into middle management. Heads of businesses and even product-line managers are being pressed for faster growth in revenues and even more growth in profitability. This margin leverage focus (i.e., profit margins growing at x% above revenue growth rate) is putting an end to “business as usual” and forcing many Product Managers to confront stark choices.

Here are some of the important shifts happening in product management today:


Keywords: Newsletter, Custom Marketing Framework, Customer Experience Design

Product Management Excellence: What Can P&L Leaders Do to Achieve It?

August 12, 2014 / by Sat Duggal

In our work with numerous world-class organizations, we have identified a few core areas of discipline that leaders of Product Management teams can focus on to drive functional excellence:


Keywords: Custom Marketing Framework, Market and Data Analysis