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Sat Duggal

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5 Expert Tips for Effective Marketing Goals in 2016

January 19, 2016 / by Sat Duggal

Here we go again. The start of a shiny new year.

I’m sure you have much to accomplish in your marketing plans for 2016. There are probably products to be launched, campaigns to be designed, competitors to challenge, and customers to win. Before you dive in, consider this question: Do you know what success looks like and will you know it when you get there?


What We Learned as an Organization in 2015

December 29, 2015 / by Sat Duggal

With just a few days until the new year, we thought it would be valuable and interesting to take a look over our collective shoulder at the past year and what we’ve learned as an organization, how we’ve grown, and how that shapes what we expect from 2016.


Custom Marketing Framework
Custom Marketing Framework

The 7 Key Principles of a Successful Innovation Program

December 08, 2015 / by Sat Duggal

Innovation is a catchphrase nearly every company uses at some point. Everyone wants to see themselves as innovative and cutting edge in their industry. But, even with the best of intentions, there are certain key principles that must be followed for an organization to successfully innovate consistently and programmatically in any meaningful way.


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Stop Being a Capabilities Manager - Think Like a Product Manager

June 25, 2015 / by Sat Duggal

In our line of work we have encountered many members of corporate functions, particularly in corporate marketing roles. Many such roles are designed, profiled, staffed and measured on building marketing capabilities across their organization. The ones that end up having a substantial and sustained impact on their business tend to view and approach their role differently than just capability development. They tend to apply the principles and approach of product management to create, launch, manage and renew their marketing excellence product.

Here are some of the key differences in using a product management versus capability development approach:


Keywords: Custom Marketing Framework, Market and Data Analysis

Which Marketing Framework is Right for You?

June 12, 2015 / by Sat Duggal

Your marketing framework is a visual representation of how marketing gets done in your business, highlighting a logical flow in which all the various components making up your insights, strategy, plan, tactical execution and measures work together to bring that vision to reality.  There are numerous templates available, covering “optimal” marketing deliverables of all shapes and sizes.


Keywords: Go-To-Market, Value Based Pricing, Custom Marketing Framework, Customer Experience Design

Using Customer Value to Manage Shared Services

June 04, 2015 / by Sat Duggal

While nearly all customers would likely describe themselves as “cost-conscious,” it’s generally more accurate to call them “value conscious.” Cost is really only a means of quantifying value, after all, and customer trends consistently prove that – all other factors being equal – savvy customers will choose the product or service with the higher perceived value, even if it’s not the least expensive.


Keywords: Value Based Pricing, Market and Data Analysis

Don't Make These 5 Mistakes in Your Organization

May 07, 2015 / by Sat Duggal

Commoditization – the reduction of your product or service to something indistinguishable from your competition, except in price – is like a cancer eating away at your bottom line.  To be realistic, there are a lot of products and services that are difficult to differentiate.  But just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean you should give up and just lower your price to try to gain sales.


Keywords: Value Based Pricing, Custom Marketing Framework, Customer Experience Design

Fighting the Commoditization of your Products and Services

May 01, 2015 / by Sat Duggal

For many B2B enterprises, achieving and sustaining profitable growth has never been more difficult. Customers have invested heavily in procurement organizations to extract aggressive price concessions from sellers. Global competitors are emerging with new business models, lower costs, and higher quality to undermine the value proposition of incumbents. Products are perceived to be increasingly commoditized, leading customers to demand lower prices for undifferentiated offers.


Keywords: White Papers, Value Based Pricing

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Reorganizing a Marketing Team

April 23, 2015 / by Sat Duggal

It’s often necessary to reorganize the Marketing department in order to maintain productivity, increase efficiencies, and generally stay on top of an ever-evolving discipline. But there’s a right and a wrong way to go about it, and we’ve seen a number of mistakes made as we’ve studied this process.


Keywords: Custom Marketing Framework, Market and Data Analysis