The Five Principles of Great Advertising

by Sat Duggal

Custom Marketing Framework

Here are five principles for developing great advertising. While they are not meant to be a comprehensive list of everything you need to do to produce great advertising, doing these elements correctly can help you to a large extent in producing tremendously successful advertising.

  1. Based on powerful idea relevant to target audience.
    Relevance must be based on deep consumer insight, offering distinctive permission to purchase in preference to competition.

  2. Must convey brand uniqueness, leading to a keen sense of difference.


3. Creates a link to physical characteristics or usage of product and deeper emotional appeal.


4. Adds to consumers’ knowledge of the brand.

5. Can be executed across relevant touchpoints

The five principles of great advertising can therefore be summarized as:

  • Establish relevance to target audience.
  • Exhibit uniqueness from competition.
  • Prove credibility through product characteristic or use.
  • Add to consumer knowledge.
  • Execute through relevant touchpoints.

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