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A Streamlined Planning Process Helped This Client Lower Costs and Accelerate Growth


The client, a multi-billion dollar consumer packaged goods company, had an onerous planning process that was far too costly and time-consuming. Moreover, the process lacked any formal integration between marketing, field sales, and key account teams, which resulted in redundant and missed opportunities. The client needed a streamlined planning approach that would save time and money, but also explicitly create the functional integration and strategic thought necessary to drive top line growth.

Action Plan

EMM Group was engaged to develop an integrated commercial planning process to encompass all commercial activities at the company. First, we reviewed the long-term corporate strategy and identified the key drivers for marketing. From there, we developed an integrated planning process that emphasized the key decision points of moving P&L management to the brands, regions, and key accounts and defining a set of long-term strategic brand building initiatives.

Over the next few months, we worked with cross-functional teams from marketing, field sales, and key accounts to educate stakeholders and roll out the planning approach, including the framework, tools, templates, and guides.


With EMM Group’s support, the cross-functional teams produced the company’s first integrated set of plans that actually reduced overall spend and forecasted greater business results. Today, the planning process is standard operating procedure, and the firm continues to grow at a faster rate than the industry median.

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