Integrated Commercial Strategy (ICS) is the new playbook for profitable growth. It’s a strategic formula to help industrial companies overcome modern pressures like powerful customers, lack of differentiation, increases prices sensitives and internal malaise.

The ICS is a different way of looking at your sales and marketing strategy by shifting focus from price to value and from product to experience. This paradigm shift puts the focus on enablement integration over siloed functional performance to deliver a consistent and designed experience over a set of unintegrated customer touches.

The ICS is made up of three key components:

  • Value Promise – Discovering sources of unique value from experiences and knowing how to get paid for it
  • Sales Enablement – Selling on customer value while delivering the desired purchase experience
  • Customer Experience Management – Harmonizing functional activities to deliver the promised value in a consistently high quality user experience

The ICS enables companies to implement an organization-wide formula to resolve current challenges and establish a sustainable, value-based framework for growth and success.

ICS ebook