Enable growth by maximizing the value and opportunity of your brand strategy.

We find that companies in both commercial and consumer markets often inhibit growth because they don’t maximize the value of their brand. You may be achieving margins below industry norms, operating in a fragmented category without any clear brand leaders, defending against an onslaught of private labels, or simply failing to extend yourself to new applications, markets, or product adjacencies. These issues are often symptoms of a poorly defined brand. We help companies understand the value of their brand and identify likely opportunities to advance their brand for growth.

Our work in brand strategy spans four major areas:

  • Domain strategy. Helping you correctly frame the market, identify growth opportunities, and capture adjacencies or new market spaces.
  • Insights to enhance differentiation and value. Helping you identify the highest value functional and emotional benefits.
  • Brand equity. Assisting you in defining, measuring, and systematically planning to grow your brand’s equity.
  • Brand framework. Helping you develop your brand positioning in a way that ensures global scale and leverage while maintaining flexibility for local relevance.

Brand strategy programs require global collaboration and cross-functional alignment. To support your implementation, EMM Group employs a unique set of proven tools, templates, frameworks, and structured methodologies. We also motivate action with a highly participative approach driven by market, customer, and industry facts.

Maximizing brand value achieves tremendous near and long-term results measured by improved margins, higher value innovation, and increased shareholder value as your portfolio grows.

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