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Identifying a New Market Segment Provided Dramatic Gains for This Client's Market Share


Our client, one of the largest Indian banks, had a joint credit card portfolio in India which was lagging behind competitors in growth and customer spends. The client invited EMM Group in with a mandate to increase portfolio share of premium cards from 10% to 40%; increase spend-active accounts by 10%; and increase active cards as a % of total outstanding cards by 2%.

Action Plan

EMM Group applied its proprietary segmentation technique to the premium credit card market in India. We identified an attractive new needs-based segment called “the confident entrepreneur” and targeted this group with a new card offering. We developed insights about the target consumer and crafted a new value proposition, including a new service package to meet this segment’s functional and emotional needs.


Within six months of launching the new card, our client increased portfolio share of premium cards from 8% to 51%; generated a 36% incremental increase in spends per active account; and achieved a 7% incremental increase in actives rate.

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