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A Brand Refresh and Vibrant Online Community Helped This Manufacturer Expand Their Distribution Agreement With Wal-Mart


A provider of multiuse seed products was being squeezed by competition out of Wal-Mart, one their largest distributors. EMM Group was brought in to create a multilevel plan that included key account negotiations with Wal-Mart to revitalize the brand in order to drive demand. The goal was to create a compelling value proposition to Wal-Mart that included a pull through demand strategy that would drive traffic to the stores.

Action Plan

We discovered that the users of this company’s products are a well-connected community that is willing to communicate and interact. With that knowledge, the company set up multiple community sites where people could share information and discuss products. In addition, based on our increased knowledge of the target market, we developed a brand strategy and new product packaging to better communicate brand value and connect with consumers.


The online community has become so active that the client no longer needs to “seed” discussions. This digital effort, coupled with the new packaged design and brand strategy, provided the basis for powerful consumer-based negotiations strategy that enabled the client to increase its presence in Wal-Mart stores. The success of the community also increased the value of their brand.

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