Our pricing and profit experts capture the true value of your products and services through Unique Economic Value (UEV).

Our commercial clients struggle every day to maintain margins as competition increases from offshore and lower value competitors. This ongoing trend forces a “commoditization” of products and makes it hard for clients to differentiate.

At EMM Group, we work with clients to identify and quantify their UEV and better understand the options they have to combat the commoditization trend.

When we speak with end customers and disaggregate existing product and services offerings, we often find areas of differentiation that customers want. Armed with this knowledge, we can create new offerings, product service bundles, marketing performance metrics, or even revenue models that allow our clients to better monetize their UEV.

Clients that understand their UEV reduce their cost to serve, improve margins, and grow profit. They also typically improve their targeting and portfolio make-up, serving customers better by providing only what they truly value.


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