Drive growth and provide a platform for continuous improvement with marketing performance metrics.

Marketing has never been under more pressure to justify spending and articulate the value their function delivers. We know of no better way to prove marketing’s worth, provide a platform for continuous improvement, and enhance the standing of marketing within an organization than to have a robust set of marketing performance metrics.

Metrics provide a way to regularly and clearly communicate performance to marketing stakeholders, practitioners, and business leadership. When this is not being done, marketing leaders and their teams are at risk of being relegated to a support staff role or losing their relevance entirely.

To help clients reach consensus and understanding on a set of marketing performance metrics, we use a causal model to link marketing spends to financial results. Our systematic process prioritizes a small but meaningful group of metrics to focus attention and action, linking metrics to key decisions in marketing and business management processes. We treat marketing like any other business function, holding ourselves accountable to financial and non-debatable proof points.

Robust metrics and measures ensure a higher marketing ROI, provide a platform for optimizing marketing spends, and earn marketers a “seat at the table” because our point of view is substantiated by facts.

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