More than any other industry vertical, healthcare is challenged with balancing the often conflicting combination of driving organization financial performance while ensuring optimal patient outcomes. Healthcare administrators, clinicians, and staff must constantly juggle the needs of patients, research, and the practical complications of running a business. 

Fulfilling these dual goals can present a significant challenge to companies providing products, services, and solutions to healthcare organizations. Not only do patient and financial outcomes need to be balanced, but often multiple stakeholders within the healthcare organization are involved in the purchase decision-making process, each with their own needs to be met.  

Creating a value proposition and message that fills all the varied needs of the healthcare organization and the multiple stakeholders is difficult. That’s why bringing in a third party team of experienced consultants like EMM Group makes a lot of sense for product, service, or solution providers to healthcare organizations. With EMM Group, solution providers benefit from:

Commercial strategy

Through a host of strategic approaches, EMM Group consultants analyze your current and expected future commercial landscape, along with your short- and long-term business goals to arrive at an appropriate mix of commercial strategies that fuel growth and success.

Based on your unique needs, these strategies can involve:

  • Go-To-Market strategy
  • Primary and secondary research, producing deep insights and implications to your business 
  • Multi-stakeholder value proposition and messaging development
  • Customer experience design
  • Branding and positioning
  • Integrated marketing planning

With a focus on value over price and experiences over products, our proprietary Integrated Commercial Strategy (ICS) framework is made to enhance the impact of marketing for solution providers in the healthcare vertical.

Marketing excellence

Through our proprietary and proven methodologies, EMM Group designs custom marketing excellence programs that improve all aspects of your current marketing capabilities without impeding ongoing work or creating unnecessary “busy work” for team members. 

The result includes a fresh marketing framework, valuable tools and process enhancements to streamline marketing activity and boost value, and a focus on change management within the organization to speed adoption of the new program.


EMM Group has a long and successful history developing and carrying out marketing training programs to help commercial and marketing teams make the most of the new tools, processes, and suggestions provided to improve the marketing organization's ability to deliver results.

These training courses can be designed for any combination of formats, depending on your organization's need: In-person, instructor-led classes, Virtual training sessions, Self-paced online learning, Project based learning (where teams attend courses together and apply the learnings immediately), or any combination thereof. Or, learn more about our pre-designed courses available for immediate use that cover key marketing concepts which healthcare solution providers often need.

Proven marketing experience with a laser focus on healthcare

EMM Group has been successfully helping companies in various B2B and B2C sectors build strong and profitable marketing programs for the past 14+ years. Over this time, we have built deep Go-To-Market expertise in the healthcare, including: Healthcare equipment, Devices, Services, and Software. 

See a casy study on how EMM facilitated a software Go-To-Market project in the healthcare industry

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