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A Global Approach to Journey Mapping Improves Customer Experience for Diversified Technology Company


Our client, a global and diversified technology company, found that it was getting low scores in customer-relevance and satisfaction. This was eroding the company’s ability to retain customers, especially in highly competitive markets. Seeking to improve customer loyalty and drive growth through stronger customer relationships, the company launched a global initiative to map, understand and improve its customer experience.

Action Plan

EMM Group helped the company develop its global approach to experience journey mapping, analysis and improvement. Recognizing that the journey included stakeholders beyond just customers, such as specifiers, installers, channel intermediaries and others, we developed a simple approach to understand the role that each stakeholder plays at various stages in the journey and the influence they have on each other.

We developed a way to collect fact-based data on the multi-stakeholder journey and, very importantly, to prioritize the gaps in the journey. EMM also developed an approach to re-imagine the experience using a series of structured analytical steps, so that the multi-stakeholder experience could become the basis of competitive advantage. We piloted this approach for the company in one of their most important and fast-growing emerging markets as a proof-of-concept and a catalyst to adoption across the company.


The pilot project produced a series of experience-improvement initiatives that have been implemented and are a strong growth foundation for that business. This also proved a successful model that has now been embraced by the rest of the organization and is being rolled out across other business units and markets.

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