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This Medical Device Packaging Manufacture Gained a Double Digit Increase in Price by Enhancing Value


Our client has been a producer of packaging for the medical device sector for over 40 years. Due to some changes in the industry regarding medical protocols, the packaging needed to be revalidated for use. This revalidation meant our client could increase application of the packaging and have it revalidated for expanded use. The client saw this as an opportunity to solidify their position in their industry.

Action Plan

Working with the client, we expanded our view of the market to include the entire medical device value chain. We uncovered an opportunity to intermediate an element in the value chain. Due to the unique components of the packaging our client developed, we were able to improve and streamline the packaging process by combining steps.


EMM Group helped the client communicate the increased value of the packaging to the end users (hospitals and doctors) and drive a double-digit price increase. The division went on to experience growth far beyond the forecasted 2-3%.

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