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This Global Medical Device Manufacturer is Enjoying Accelerated Growth in Emerging Markets


A global medical device manufacturer had launched a series of equipment services that had been successful in the US but were experiencing little or no success in emerging markets. The client asked EMM Group to assess their efforts with the goal of improving success in the emerging markets.

Action Plan

We decided to “go in market” and understand the customer needs in these emerging markets. Our goals were to determine how the needs of seeming similar hospitals and healthcare providers might be different across countries. We discovered that the needs in emerging markets not only differed from the US and Europe—they were significantly different between countries.


EMM Group restructured and re-priced the offering at the country level to capture the unique value the client was delivering and reflect our new understanding of the different needs. As a result, the growth has accelerated in most of the emerging markets and is now performing at or above plan.

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