EMM Group

A Custom Interactive Training Program Reaches 600 Employees in 60 Countries to Improve Marketing Alignment


The client is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, based in Asia and operating worldwide. They have a large distributed workforce that implements global brand efforts locally. After identifying their best practices for product marketing, they needed assistance rolling out the approach in 60 countries to over 600 marketing and product managers.

Action Plan

EMM Group took the client’s marketing framework and created an interactive training program that leveraged adult learning principles and could work in multiple languages. After the final training content was approved, EMM Group developed corresponding workbooks, exercises, and collateral to ensure that the training would live on after it was completed.


EMM Group trained over 600 individuals and received high marks for content, style and “stickiness.” The company is starting to see the benefits of their new common approach to marketing, including better communication and understanding across regions, common nomenclature, and the ability to better compare plans and programs.

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