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Diversified Chemical Company Removes Silos to Deliver Harmonized Commercial Strategies and Sees Substantial Increase in Organic Revenue


The company had rolled out a sales and marketing framework which was not being adapted or applied by the business units. Growth had slowed, new product launches were less successful and customer churn increased. The company recognized the framework and toolkit were too complicated and needed to be simplified in order for the commercial teams, primarily responsible for sales and customer outcomes, to more effectively leverage them. 

Action Plan

EMM conducted a capability and competency assessment to identify skills and capability gaps in the organization. EMM then prioritized skills development based upon impact to the business and the gap that existed vis-a-vis best practices. Next, a Project Based Learning program was developed that trained the commercial teams on the sales and marketing framework and enabled them to draft more effective value propositions and go-to-market strategy. This approach has since been applied across commercial functions and includes promotion, pricing, market assessment, market planning, key account planning and other key commercial functions.


By developing internal commercial capabilities to drive sustainable growth, EMM helped multiple businesses within this company generate substantial organic revenue through better opportunity identification, competitive strategy and improved commercial collaboration. Project teams participating in this program are credited with driving incremental revenue of $500MM+ over several years.  In a poll of leaders, this program was ranked as the most successful and important among many corporate initiatives. 

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