EMM Group

A Cross-functional Team Training Program Resulted in Over $500 Million in Organic Growth for This Client


The client is a large global manufacturer of products that enable clients in the automotive, agriculture, electronics, energy, mining, packaging, plastics and other industries to make their products better. Given the wide array of industries and applications this company serves, they relied primarily on relationships to drive growth. Seeing increasing commoditization across their portfolio, the company wanted to improve marketing skills at the leadership, business, and practitioner level in order to define new market opportunities and reinforce the value of their products.

Action Plan

EMM Group created and implemented a multi-tiered training program with different tracks for executives, general management, and commercial practitioners. The training was designed in an integrated fashion to facilitate the improved management of marketing and commercial operation across the business.

Unique to the design was a practitioner track that incorporated EMM Group’s project based learning approach. This approach allowed cross-functional commercial teams to develop their marketing strategies while either refreshing or learning the required skills to build a plan. Plans were then shared and reviewed with executives, who knew the right questions to ask because of the training they had received. At every step, the process increased alignment and buy-in.


This program has been in place for multiple years and has touched every division in the company. Over $500M in organic growth has been attributed to opportunities created by the cross-functional teams trained by EMM Group.

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