Modern Marketing Fundamentals


This workshop focuses on the fundamental best practices and skills for developing strategic and commercial proficiencies necessary to better address customer needs and drive long-term growth.

Participants will learn to develop insights-driven strategies and plans from a market-back perspective. The program leverages real projects through a project-based learning approach to apply the course concepts to targeted company priorities.


  • Identify projects and approaches that will have an immediate impact on business.
  • Engage leaders in the development of a commercial excellence program to drive long-term change.
  • Help industry teams enhance their analytical business skills, pro-actively manage their portfolios, and craft a smart growth strategy.  
  • Enhance cross-functional collaboration skills, create a common understanding of key metrics, and improve overall collaboration.


  • Build the strategic and commercial skills necessary to better address customer needs and drive long term growth.
  • Enable corporate marketing to play a more impactful, valuable and influential role with their industry team colleagues.

Who Should Attend

  • Product Managers
  • Marketing/Brand Managers
  • Sales/Commercial Leaders
  • Product Development Managers
  • Business/Customer (Consumer in B2C businesses) Research
  • Marketing Communications Managers
  • EMM Group recommends a cross-functional team of experts to achieve ideal results

Why this course is unique

  • Customized course content for the unique challenges and context in your business
  • Expert facilitator-led discussion of best practices and concepts
  • A mix of working in a controlled environment and on your own
  • Fast-paced, challenging experience that should stretch you/your team
  • Learn-by-doing environment optimized for team participation
  • Opportunity to apply learnings to current work projects
  • Access to marketing experts for coaching throughout the project

Fee and Course Length

Workshops may be performed on-site or virtually (through a series of virtual workshops paired with an online web-based learning platform) based on need and circumstance.

Contact EMM Group for course length and fee details.