Customer Experience

Your organization delivers new experiences every day. The interactions that employees have with one another, and with customers, help to create your organization's branded customer experience.

Whether it is service and support, product quality, or just the way customers feel about the companies they do business with, Customer Experience (CX) is the critical factor in keeping customers happy and loyal to your brand. Customers have more ways than ever before to engage with our products, services, people, and brands through a myriad of human, analog, and digital touchpoints.

Each customer touchpoint presents an opportunity for improvement. And if you're not effectively managing the customer experience strategically from end-to-end, then you're missing out on creating potential value for your customers. We examine the case for rethinking your approach to customer experience in order to deliver mutual value.


  • Learn to address customer experience as a strategic imperative
  • Provide your organization with an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage
  • Understand the customer journey and the critical customer moments of truth
  • Identify additional pain points or gaps which, if solved, would deliver additional value to customers
  • Align on priority initiatives for improving customer experience


  • A Validated Customer Journey Map outlining the end-to-end customer experience
  • Key insights relative to your organization’s performance against the ideal customer experience
  • A set of prioritized ideas that can be taken forward for future initiatives or improvement opportunities
  • The foundation of a strategic roadmap/pitch for improving the organization’s customer experience and driving long-term change.

Who Should Attend

  • This program is for leaders who seek to deliver competitive advantage through customer experience

Why this course is unique

  • This course teaches a 5-step process for improving customer experience — guiding leaders through mapping their customer journey, validating their journey through voice of the customer interviews, and setting a strategy for improvements and innovation through customer experience.
  • The program is highly applied and should be tailored to the business outcome desired and the level of participants in the program.
  • The application periods require assigned working groups, selected areas of the business for the teams to work on, ability and access to interview customers, and sponsor(s) who will participate in the program.

Fee and Course Length

This course is an applied guided learning journey (through an online web-based learning platform paired with a series of “live” virtual workshops) to help organizations map and improve the customer experience.

EMM Group also offers a separate 2-day Customer Experience Strategy and B2B Best Practices session for organizations preferring a shorter Customer Experience management training option.

Contact EMM Group for fee and course length details.