The Creativity Imperative

by os_admin

Everyone agrees... we live in interesting times. But as we deal with a world gone topsy-turvy there are also opportunities. To capitalize on new trends, to gain share from weak competitors, to try something new.

We can (and certainly do) lament the fact that our budgets have been halved or less, consumer’s are only shopping on deal at Wal-Mart or tuning off all ways of traditional advertising. But marketing is meant to be the bedrock of creativity in the business world (the financiers on Wall Street and their latest “creativity” notwithstanding). If we don’t figure out a creative response…who else will. Ideally we should be thriving in such an environment, not hiding under the desk or behind our storyboard.

What we need is a whole new way of engaging our customers. Not blasting them with endless GRPs or sending out countless e-mails hoping to win higher level of awareness (an increasingly meaningless metric). We need creative customer engagement that will get customer’s attention without breaking the bank.

But what is creativity and how do we know when we have a meaningful creative idea? Here is our take on creativity and its key principles. We certainly do not lay claim to be the definitive authority on this complex subject. But we have found these principles very helpful and seen them being applied with consistently good results by many leading brand marketers.


So let the creative juices flow and find new ways of engaging your customers.

Note - We found many of the images in this output from the subtly named website:www.foundshit.com. A great resource for eclectic images from around the Web.