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A Simpler View of Metrics Brought This Fortune 50 Tech Company Greater Transparency and Strategic Direction


A Fortune 50 technology company was stymied by too many marketing metrics used inconsistently across its multiple businesses. Disparate metrics made it impossible to compare apples to apples in performance and frustrated senior leadership. Worst of all, the marketing metrics focused on operational efficiencies as reviewed by marketers, rather than on the value of marketing to the business as recognized by the business leaders.

Action Plan

EMM Group developed a new structured approach to metrics that focused on three primary categories: revenue effectiveness, ROI efficiency, and customer influence. Under each category we identified 4-6 key metrics that marketing and business leadership agreed upon. Once the metrics were determined, we worked with the client to develop the structure, cadence and distribution of the metrics to ensure alignment and agreement. Finally we conducted a number of workshops to discuss the metrics and how they should be interpreted to manage the business.


The company’s increased visibility into performance has improved alignment between marketing and business units and allowed more strategic decisions regarding marketing mix and accelerating growth.

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