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Multi-tiered Plan Gave This Global Healthcare Solution Provider a Plethora of Options

Business problem

EMM Group’s client, a global healthcare solution provider, had been growing successfully in a high potential region but wanted to grow faster and move beyond offering products as a way to diversify revenue and build better, deeper relationships with key constituents. The client realized that their constituents – hospitals, surgical teams, regulatory authorities, and patients – all had unmet needs to which they could uniquely respond, given their powerful brand and well understood commitment to better medical outcomes.

The solution provider wanted to generate concrete ideas to enable non-product revenue growth by solving the unmet needs of key stakeholders, specifically in dealing with the obesity epidemic in the region. Each new concept needed to either substantively improve the level of care or ensure better access to healthcare information.  Additionally, they wanted to develop a viable business case and market opportunity for the offering of managed surgical centers in this specific region.

The Company worked with EMM Group to ideate new business solutions and to develop the business case and corresponding milestones to implement.

EMM Group's solution approach:
EMM Group’s approach contained four key elements: Innovating new service solutions, assessing key requirements, modeling the new services business case, and recommending an implementation plan.

  • New solution innovation:

To determine the new innovation solution hypothesis, EMM Group spoke with industry experts to identify unmet customer needs and ideate solutions to fill those needs.  EMM Group conducted an innovation workshop in which the client completed a series of structured exercises which collated and prioritized customer and key stakeholder needs, assessed the competitive marketplace and identified gaps, and ideated potential solutions.

The team determined that there were four potential opportunities for innovation, each progressively more full-service than the last.  The solutions each targeted the identified market needs of increased patient outcomes, operational efficiency, increased reputation, and improved budget control.  Aligning the solutions to the identified market needs produced a full-service plan that ensured the client maintained and grew market share in the region.

  • Business case development:

Using the outputs of the innovation workshop, EMM Group further refined and developed a strong business case for the four tiered solutions. To do this, EMM Group established potential pricing and volume assumptions, based on market conditions and value delivered, along with corresponding estimates of both fixed and variable costs. The 4 primary concepts were projected to generate upwards of $50 million in potential revenue by 2020.

  • Capability assessment:

Through extensive internal interviewing, EMM concluded that our client’s internal capabilities included a trusted global brand, access to top of the line healthcare technology, and a global knowledge base. It was also believed that the client was uniquely suited to enable non-product revenue growth by solving unmet needs of key stakeholders. This capability assessment provided a strong platform to build the multi-tiered system and identified key capability gaps that needed to be filled prior to launch.

  • Recommendation and activation planning:

EMM Group assisted the client to prioritize and launch 4 different innovative concepts that took an increasing level of effort and sophistication. Along with the prioritization and launch plan, EMM Group helped identify the resources (time, money, personnel, etc.) required for a successful launch.  A development roadmap was generated to establish key milestones and accountability, and a communication plan was created to inform both internal and external stakeholders of the benefits and value delivered. 

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