EMM Group

Identifying and Integrating Customer Needs Proved Invaluable to This Software Development Giant


Our client is a leader in providing software for business and consumer use. The company owns a majority market share in their market, originally defined the market and space they operate, and is engineering driven. Given the increasingly competitive nature of the market, the client identified the need to bring more customer centricity to their development efforts in order to meet the highest opportunity needs of their customers.

Action Plan

EMM Group reviewed the client’s development process and identified the key areas where customer research and input were required. We developed an engineering value proposition process that included an insights generation toolkit to draw core customer insights from the extensive customer and market data collected.


In order to show the value of the process and toolkit, we piloted the process with the one of the client’s businesses. Based on the success of the resulting development efforts and product, the process and toolkit were rolled out across the enterprise.

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