EMM Group

This Financial Services Company Doubled Shareholder Value in Just Five Years


Our client, a global financial services company, was combining five of its regional units into a global organization. The client wanted a marketing organization that would address market opportunities for this new coalition and help it drive growth. The client also requested help to rationalize the various regional units to create one streamlined and focused global organization that would accelerate speed-to-market.

Action Plan

EMM Group developed a marketing organization design to reflect the complex stakeholder business model of the company and their key needs. In order to do this, we identified the key capability requirements of the new organization by benchmarking with some of the world’s most successful marketing organizations. With benchmark in hand and the stakeholders needs understood, EMM Group developed an organization that meets the highest order needs of the stakeholders based on the most successful marketing organizations


This structure has enabled the company to double its shareholder value in five years.

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