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A Customized Marketing Framework and Competency Model Boosted This Australian Bank's Ability to Make Strategic Decisions


The client is a highly successful bank in Australia. They are known as one of the strongest brands in Australia and hold a leadership position in electronic banking. Their marketing team focused heavily on integrated marketing activities and social and digital efforts but lacked discipline in marketing assessment, segmentation, targeting, planning, or metrics and measures. The CMO sought to develop a comprehensive marketing framework and competency model to educate the team on the entirety of marketing’s role and identify strengths and gaps in their efforts.

Action Plan

Working with the CMOs direct reports and using our proprietary database of 450 marketing tools, templates, and guides, EMM Group developed a customized marketing framework that reflected the best of the bank’s marketing capabilities and emphasized the gaps and opportunities. Next, we developed a competency model for HR and Marketing to access the skills necessary to deliver the entire framework.

Based on the framework and in conjunction with the company’s annual planning cycle, EMM Group developed a marketing planning template that drove consumer, commercial, social and digital marketing planning efforts. We facilitated a number of sessions to ensure understanding and application of each part of the planning process. Finally, we worked with the team to “roll-up” the plans to create one integrated marketing plan for the business.


For the first time, the client had an integrated marketing plan that enabled easy identification of synergies and redundancies. Given the current (2012-2013) banking and economic environment in Australia, this plan aligned the team to make the necessary budget decisions more strategically than previously possible.

Organizational Design Case Study