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One of the Largest Beef Producers in the US Launches a Super Premium Brand to Dramatically Increase Profit


One of the largest beef producers in the US was struggling with low margins in its beef portfolio and wanted to improve profitability through a better product mix. They wanted to launch a premium and branded cut of beef in groceries that would increase profitability, create a super premium brand, and be recognized by the retail trade (both supermarket and foodservice).

Action Plan

EMM Group began by implementing a multi-stage consumer research effort that allowed us to generate breakthrough insights about the hopes, fears, and needs of shoppers in relation to the beef they purchase and serve to their families. This effort codified the opportunity for how the brand could be positioned distinctly from other alternatives. Next, we developed a brand strategy and positioning that reflected the opportunity. We also developed product packaging and other elements of the offering to deliver on the overall opportunity.


Our work ended with the successful piloting of a multi-phased launch plan resulting in the proof of concept at one retailer. Our client conducted a successful launch based upon the results of the proof-of-concept.

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