We believe that successful work-life balance results in improved job satisfaction and self-esteem, leading directly to increased productivity and better output for our clients.

EMM Group believes firmly in a balanced approach to work and life.  We encourage our employees to explore all aspects of their lives, and we strive to help one another minimize role conflict. We believe this is critical to success for our clients. A stressed and over-worked employee is likely to make bad decisions. Our experience has been that balanced employees are better able serve our clients and each other.

Here are some examples of how we put this core value into action:

  • Enforcing mandatory vacation time so that our consultants are relaxed and fulfilled enough to come up with creative solutions to our client’s complex problems.
  • Respecting inaccessibility during off hours (nights, weekends, vacation time).
  • Providing the option to decline a project, meeting, or business trip when an important personal engagement may be affected.
  • Allowing employees to work remotely or with flexible hours.

We understand that work-life balance means different things to different individuals, and we adjust our approach to each person’s circumstances.