Promotion Planning and Development

Marketing promotions form the backbone of most marketing efforts and are instrumental in influencing target customer behavior.

In this training course, participants can understand and master the promotions process from the development of promotion plan and calendar to the execution of different types of promotions. Participants will learn proven tools for improving promotion ROI while helping to meet marketing objectives.


  • Why a promotion planning and development process is important?
  • What are the steps and activities in the promotion planning and development process and how do they integrate with the marketing planning process?
  • How to create a promotion strategy?
  • How to develop a promotional plan and calendar for the marketing plan?
  • What are the promotional choices available and how to shortlist and select the right promotional vehicle?
  • How to write promotion objectives for a promotion event?
  • What are key requirements in implementing promotions effectively?
  • When to use a promotion agency and how best to manage an agency whenever used?
  • What metrics to use for planning and evaluating promotion effectiveness and efficiency?


  • Understand the promotion planning and development process.
  • Develop a promotion strategy for your business in line with the overall marketing strategy.

Who Should Attend

  • Product Managers
  • Marketing/Brand Managers
  • Marketing Communications Managers
  • Promotion Managers

Why this course is unique

  • We will customize the course content for the unique challenges and context in your business.
  • We provide a proven process and toolkit that places promotions within the overall context of the end-to-end marketing process and integrates it with the marketing strategy as well as other elements of the marketing mix.
  • The course relies on practical and battle-tested tools from some of the largest marketing companies in the world such as P&G, Unilever, Microsoft, GE, DuPont and others.
  • We provide a framework for systematically evaluating promotion vehicle choices as the basis for development of the promotion calendar.

Fee and Course Length

$750/participant with a minimum class size of 25 participants. This fee structure assumes modest customization in emphasis and language. If your needs require substantial customization, we will provide a separate fee.

Course Length:  1 day