Satprit Duggal

Founder, Executive Chairman

Satprit Duggal

Satprit is a pioneer and a respected thought leader in marketing-led organic growth. As the co-founder and CEO of EMM Group, he has led growth-driving marketing excellence programs for global companies including GE, DuPont, Kimberly-Clark, Eli Lilly, Microsoft, P&G, and Visa. His work helping GE drive organic growth across its businesses by becoming the Gold Standard of Business Marketing is emblematic of his contributions to making marketing a strategic growth engine for businesses. His special interests are in the areas of marketing for internal change, customer insights, and brand value proposition.
Before coming to the United States in 2000, Satprit was an Asia-based consultant with IBM Global Services and helped clients in the packaged goods and retail industry with their CRM strategies. He values his practitioner’s experience in brand management and sales at Hindustan Unilever, one of the most respected packaged goods marketing organizations in emerging markets. He was involved in multiple sales and marketing responsibilities across the personal care and food categories.
Satprit is a well-respected executive trainer and counselor to business leaders, as well as marketers. He has contributed immense thought leadership in the area of marketing-driven growth through books such as “The New Marketing Mission” and participation in various industry forums.

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