Key Team Members


Ralph Cummins

Ralph engages with clients at the most senior levels, supporting long term strategies that will drive marketing effectiveness through the application of best practices in support of your objectives. Ralph has rejoined EMM Group after a short break during which time he honed his Customer Experience skills. Ralph is in Richmond, VA.


Brenna Neal

Brenna leads our most complex projects for global organizations focusing on maximizing your market understanding to ensure your success.  Her expertise includes all aspects of go to market best practices.  She is a Minnesota native, graduate of Booth School of Business, past BCG Consultant, and lives in Denver.  


Betsy Farner

Betsy has been with EMM Group since its founding. She engages directly with clients on financial and contractual issues and works in the background to ensure proper staffing and tools so your project results exceed expectations. She is a Blue Devil and Wolverine and is based in Kalamazoo, MI. 


Leigh Hensley

Leigh leads EMM Group's voice of the customer development efforts. She is an expert in ensuring that we connect with the correct customers and markets so that you get the unbiased insights you need. Originally from west Texas, Leigh is a graduate of Texas State University. She is now based in Cincinnati.


Matt Sullivan

Matt brings sophisticated analysis and deep market research knowledge to our most complex quantitative initiatives to inform insights. While a true data geek, Matt's easy and fun demeanor make the language of science look easy.  He is a graduate of Harvard and is based in Seattle.


Jennifer Cooper

Jennifer is an expert at translating data into action for voice of the customer, segmentation and go-to-market strategies.  She joined the team in 2017 for several global quantitative and qualitative studies. Jennifer is based in Denver. 


Rand Mendez

Rand is a member of the EMM team through our affiliation with ISBM.  Having been a client at DuPont, Rand is very familiar with the impact our best practices have had on our clients' outcomes.  Rand is in Wilmington, DE. 


Nathan Leibster

Nathan is able to translate the business problem you are trying to solve and develop the spot-on research plan design to efficiently and effectively get to the answers that will inform your marketing strategy. Nathan holds a PhD from Rutgers and lives in the New York City area.


Sarah Pynchon

Sarah is EMM Group's leader in marketing excellence program content and facilitation. She has traveled the world facilitating project-based learning workshops to embed best practice skill sets with our clients' teams.  Sarah is based in Seattle.